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What is Rightbrand?

Rightbrand provides solutions to all your branding needs. Before, only multi-million companies could afford proper branding for themselves, their products or their new ventures, giving them a huge head-start over smaller companies.

While we continue working with many large companies, we also observed that 99% of the cost is from the inefficiencies of the traditional branding techniques and fine tuning the final 20% of getting the branding to the near-perfection.

We realized that if we used our expertise to prepare a great selection of “pret-a-porter” brands, it could help thousands of small and medium companies become successful in their ventures. And they’d pay less than 1% of what many companies pay for their brands. It would be the best four to five figures a company could invest by the potential impact to their bottom line or even their odds of the survival.

Have you ever wondered why almost all top companies you deal with seem to have a great brand name? And they always have exact match domain to go with it. You never have to wonder what their web address might be. Can you guess, for example, what is the website of Apple, or Nike, or Burlington, or Amazon?

While you see a lot of startups disregarding importance of proper branding and obtaining exact match domain from day one, even the ones that have a fantastic idea and a great team, you don’t see many that make it to the end and are profitable. They don’t make it to the finish line. It is because a company’s brand has to accumulate the equity from all its activities, allowing it to charge premium over commodity service or goods.   And a bad brand is like a bucket with lots of holes that waste a lot of equity, instead of collecting it.

To ensure the success of our clients, we offer curated brands of the same quality that the companies spending millions on branding get for a small fraction of their cost. How is it possible?

Quite simply the economy of scales. A traditional old-style branding company will charge you to sift through hundreds of options analyzing each and every one of those and taking it through the funnel arriving at the one that is most suitable. And even then you might discover that the exact match .com domain for that brand is not for sale, forcing you to restart, or go to less desirable option, or, even worse, settling for a domain that will leak traffic, emails, hurt memorability, reputation, increase cost of marketing and sales and become a security liability (imagine the nightmare of your confidential information, sale leads, financial documents, meeting requests etc. ending up in your competitor’s mailbox). Those branding companies will repeat the same exercise for the next company, thus every time generating work that needs to be compensated in six or seven figures.

Our innovative approach is removing the repetitive work by preselecting names that can be great brands, analyzing each one of those and offering only the ones that make through the rigorous process and for which we were able to procure the exact match .com domain.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to offer for four or five figures curated brands that might have costed you ten to hundred times more elsewhere. We invest heavily into this work, as well as acquiring and carrying high value inventory of top available brands, so that our customers can afford it from the get-go and have a right start to their journey.

And, with others, you might pay six figures and still not own the most important asset a brand can have at the start nowadays: its exact match domain.

With us, you can start building your brand equity on your domain from day one. Our brands are catalysts of the success and provide extra thrust to your marketing, sales, PR efforts. When you choose a name from us, you know that you have got huge time and money savings on the lion’s share of the work that is the most important and can make-or-break your business. And, if your company does need the extra work for the fine-tuning to the specific needs of your company, project or product, we can help with that too!

Who is Rightbrand?

Rightbrand LLC, a US based company, is founded by the marketing expert and serial entrepreneur Elkhan Agamirza.

Elkhan has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Goizueta Business School, Emory University, a top 20 ranked full time program in the US. He also has MA in International Relations and International Law from Baku State University.

He is very passionate about branding and understands the importance of getting your brand right for the overall success of your business.

Elkhan is currently conducting research on quantifying effects of the branding choices and expressing them in an easy actionable framework.

Who owns the inventory offered on Rightbrand?

Rightbrand owns 100% of the domain names offered for sale on our website. There are many websites out there that don’t own their inventory and cannot absolutely guarantee the delivery of the purchased domain.

We, on the other hand, guarantee that you will take the ownership of the purchased name with the registrar of your choice.

We also provide 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind! Buy with confidence today and start growing your business!