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Flamingoes is the Plural of a Top Iconic Animal, Flamingo

Flamingoes is an absolute rare gem of a brand! If you ask people what are the animals they can remember first, many will have flamingoes in their list. Including plural forms, there are probably under 200 possible brands with such a broad appeal and positive perception. The brand is also very versatile and can cover any type of product or business, just like other popular animals and plants. Think Apple and computers, for example, or Caterpillar and the heavy machinery. It can be anything you want it to be. Extra bonus meaning associations: “flame” for passion and energy, “go” for motion, movement, activity, travel, action, initiative.

Complemented by flamingoes.com domain name and a great memorable logo, the brand is ready for immediate deployment.

Length – Excellent

“Flamingoes” contains 10 letters and 3 syllables. Examples of popular 3 syllable names include Burlington, Amazon

Domain Age – Excellent

This domain has been continuously registered since 2002! Older domains might have an advantage when ranking in search engines and generally indicate higher value brands.

Domain Extension – Excellent

.com is a premium real estate of the web. It is a default extension everyone assumes your company is on when typing in, emailing your employees, searching.

Why to Act Right Now

Each .com is unique. Once sold to someone else, the name might never be in the market again for ANY price, as companies invest heavily to build equity behind it and rebranding might not be an option at any cost. If you like the name and it is a great fit for your current or future idea, scroll up and make sure you buy it today.

About Flamingoes, Origin of the Word, Definition.

Flamingoes or Flamingos are both acceptable plural forms for Flamingo, an iconic beautiful bird.

The name “flamingo” originates from Portuguese and Spanish flamengo, which means flame-colored. Flamengo, in turn, of Provençal word flamenc from flama for “flame” and Germanic suffix -ing with the meaning of “flame-like”

Flamingoes are any of several large aquatic birds (family Phoenicopteridae) with long legs and neck, webbed feet, a broad lamellate bill resembling a duck bill, but abruptly bent downward in a boomerang shape, and usually rosy-white plumage with scarlet wing coverts and black wing quills.

Six existing flamingo species are recognized by most sources, currently placed in two genera.

Flamingoes are big birds with the height and wingspan reaching almost 150 cm (5 feet).

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