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A top brandable super-short domain name

There is a reason why 4 letter .coms establish instant authority for a company, if they can get their hands onto an exact match to their brand. First, they are absolutely rare, especially if only premium letters are involved, as is the case with APSL. Second, most of those names are already in use by larger companies and will never be available again. Third, human brain can easily process acronyms that are up to 4 letters long and that cut-off creates huge scarcity. And, because most consumers see only reputable positive use of those names, they automatically extend the same perception to any new company that might join the exclusive club.

And the reason why it matters that all 4 letters in APSL are premium ones is that there are unlimited possibilities for putting 4 meaningful words behind the acronym. And when the last letter is “L” as is the case here, that can stand for “Limited” or “Ltd”, and there are even more possibilities for 3 word combos.

Length – Excellent

The name”APSL” contains 4 letters. Examples of popular 4 letter acronym brands are KPMG, BASF, USPS, CBRE.

Domain age – Excellent

This domain has been continuously registered since 1997! Older domains often have an advantage for the coveted ranking in Google and other search engines and generally indicate higher value brands.

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